Winners 2010: Details

 Attention: The detailed description texts of the winning games have been automatically translated. There is a high probability of errors.

Camel Drive Hans Reinhard Gottwald

2-6 playersfrom 8 yearsapprox. 45 minutes

The craziest camel race in the world – the players fight with all means to become SECOND. Because only the second wins.

The StauferAndreas Steding

3-5 players from 10 years approx. 45-60 minutes

In ancient times, the king went through the lands. Here Friedrich I Barbarossa train is reenacted by Germany. The players try to gain as much influence as possible during their turn in the individual provinces. 

Midgard MaraudersYort Watson

3-6 players from 10 years approx. 90 minutes

Be a leader of a Viking clan and try your best to outdo the other clan leaders with smart and strategic choices during your raids.

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