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Application form for the Game Designer Competition

German rules? Dieses Formular ist ausschlie├člich f├╝r Bewerbungen mit PDFs in englischer Sprache. Wenn Sie deutschsprachige PDFs haben, schalten Sie bitte auf das deutschsprachige Formular um!
With this form you can participate as a game author with your unpublished prototype at the Hippodice Autorenwettbewerb - Game Designer Competition. Please read the terms of participation & privacy statement before using the form!

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About the game

Title or name of the game

At what age is the game suitable?

From X player(s)

Up to X players

How long is the usual playing time at maximum number of players?

Please choose what fits best

Please choose what fits best

Optional field. Feel free to choose none, one or more options.

Since you chose "Properties: Other", please explain here (up to 40 characters).

1. Upload the game description: PDF format, max. 20 MB, file name: description_your-gametitle.pdf
It illustrates in a compact form the game principle and the essential mechanisms. The amount of text should be, depending on the complexity of the game, between 0.5 to 1 DIN A4 page, and additionally illustrated by pictures and graphics.

Upload the complete game rules: PDF file, max. 20 MB, file name: rules_your-gametitle.pdf

On the next page of the form, enter your personal information.

About the participant

Is there any Co-designer or underage game designer?

Be sure to use the correct spelling!

Add international area code. If several publishers are interested in their prototype, we will call them during the final round.

Up to 500 characters.

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