Competition winners 2024

1st place:


Kolja & Mattis Levin Pikora (DE)

2nd place:

Who is first?

Thomas Hög (DE)

3rd place:

Monkey Gang

Fabian Klein (DE)

Best Longplayer:

High Rise Hustle

Katie & Vanessa Tam (NZ)

Best children’s game:

Such die Schafe

Fabian & Kate Klein (DE)

Details of the competition and the winning games (PDF, only available in german)

other games of the final round (in alphabetical order)

  • Bumper Bots on Titan – Brian O‘Moore (IE)
  • Caminito – Pedro Ometto (DE)
  • Hawaii – Bettina Katzenberger (DE)
  • In Sekten – Simon Reeber (DE)
  • Nimm Du! – Tobias Vogel (DE)
  • Monsters of London – Patricia Limberger & Felix Leder (DE)
  • Reiselust – Simon & Anna-Maria Reeber (DE)
  • Writer’s Block – Andy Kim (CA)

Jury and Hippodice Team

from left to right and from top to bottom:

Markus Hahn of Hippodice
Aleksander Cuznar of Hippodice
Roland Goslar of
André Zottmann of
Ulf Glinka of Hippodice
Mark Becker of von Hippodice
Alena Rolinski of
Thomas Kilfitt of Hippodice
Wolfgang Lüdtke of
Moritz Bornkast of
Karol Pryk of
Robin Eckert of
Uwe Mölter of
Christian Hildenbrand of
Christopher Schwarz of Hippodice
Sonja Schwarz of Hippodice
Maren Holderbaum of

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