Terms of participation

Competition process and dates


Organizer is the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. in Bochum.

Requirements for game ideas

The game has to be submitted as a board game, card game, dice game or other non-digital game. Not allowed are purely digital games (i.e. computer games, smartphone app etc.). Only prototypes of new developed games that have not yet been published are allowed to the competition.

The game submission must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. The game has to remain unpublished until the day of result announcement.
  2. There mustn’t be a contractual obligation to a specific publisher for the game.
  3. The game mustn’t be part of an ongoing crowdfunding campaign (i.e. Kickstarter)
  4. If one of these conditions is met during the competition, the organizers have to be notified immediately. Unfortunately, the game will be disqualified then.
  5. The participant has to own all copyrights for the submitted game materials. The participant also asserts that no third party rights are violated.
  6. The participant has to be 18 years or older. A parent or legal guardian can be a proxy for younger game designers.


You can register your games using the application form. The application form has to be sent in till the before mentioned date. Two pdf files have to be uploaded with the form: A short game description and the game rules.

The short game description needs to provide an overview of the game mechanics. It can contain photos, drawings and depictions which explain the details and setup of the game. The second pdf file needs to contain the complete game rules.

Important: Both pdf files need to state the name of the game and name of the game designer. Files can be written in German or English.

No prototypes have to be submitted for the preliminary round. After the first round of evaluation game designers will explicitly be asked to send in prototypes.

Each participant is allowed to send in a maximum of 5 submissions per year.


Participation in the preliminary is free.

If a prototype qualifies in the preliminaries a fee of 10 Euro is requested per game plus delivery fees for shipping back the prototype from Germany. The exact amount will be specified in an email when the game qualifies. If the designer does not want his or her prototype back no fees will be charged for this.

Disposition of prototypes

The submitted prototype will remain with the competition organizers until the final round.
On game publisher discretion a prototype may be handed over to interested publishers after the final round of the competition. If this is not the case the prototype will be send back to the designer if this was requested and fees for shipping it back have been paid. It cannot be guaranteed that a prototype will remain unscathed during the testing period and the competition organizers will not be liable for any damage to a prototype.

Publication of results

The Hippodice e.V. compiles various publication to make the submitted games known to publishers and the interested general public. Game designers grant the competition organizers the right to use photos and written articles about their prototypes. The designer’s name and the prototype will be mentioned in those publications.
The prototype, game rules and personal information about the designer might be transferred to interested game publishers.

All copyrights remain with the game designer.

Legal responsibility

The competition organizers are not liable for any damages including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage arising from participating in the competition.

Competition participants are only allowed to submit games which are legal according to German law, including but not limited to copyright, branding and personal rights. If a competition participant violates any of these laws he or she is solely liable for any damages resulting from the violation. The competition participant is also liable for all third-party claims resulting from any violations of law.

Decisions within the competition are made solely by the editors, test players, expert jury and the competition organizers. Decisions are final and legal recourse is excluded.

Protection of data privacy

The competiton participant declares that her or she agrees with the digital storage and processing of personal data which was used for registration. The competition organizers can email participants and in exceptional cases directly contact them via phone for purposes regarding the competition (e.g. to ask for feedback, additions, results or missing information).

For the preliminaries the competition editors will have access to the uploaded game files (game description and game rules). For the main competition members of the Hippodice e.V. will have access to the prototypes and game rules.

Sumbissions that make it to the finals will be presented to various game publishers. After the final round prototypes and personal information of the designers may be made available to interested game publishers so that they can contact the game designer. The Hippodice e.V. is only an intermediary in this case and has no influence on any negotiations with game publishers.

Responsible for data privacy (§13 DSGVO): Hippodice Spieleclub e.V., Bochum represented by the managing board (see hippodice-competition.net/impressum-legal-notice). Email: datenschutz@hippodice.de. Processing of personal data is necessary for participating in the competition (see §6 DSGVO).

Participants who reach the finals give permission for the digital storage of their personal data even after the competition. They can revoke this permission at any time via email. Participants have the right to request and edit their stored personal data. Participants have the right to appeal at any data privacy supervisory authority if they think their personal data is used in an unlawful manner (e.g. https://www.ldi.nrw.de).

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