Winners 2012: Details

 Attention: The detailed description texts of the winning games have been automatically translated. There is a high probability of errors.

Brethren of the CoastBrett J. Gilbert

3-5 playersfrom 8 yearsapprox. 25-40 minutes

By means of the own fleet of ships the best place should be secured. So that in the end one of the most spoils of the Spanish fleet falls. The players have a fleet and a number of cards in front of them. On the table lies the Spanish fleet, which has to be conquered. In turn, the players always put a ship of their fleet first. This will be placed next to an outlying Spanish fleet. After that, players must always play a hand card. This contains either prey symbols, cannons or muskets. However, the map must always be placed in a different position than the ship just set. These cards can also be played face down. If in the later game several ships of a player are put on a map, then a fleet is formed from it. The size of the fleet determines the ranking in the distribution. Which is checked after each change. But by playing prey symbols, cannons or muskets, it can be profitable to stand further back. Because cannons and muskets decimate the value of the fleet. Therefore, one should keep a covert card in mind, otherwise fast shipwreck and empty coffers threaten! The player with the most loot symbols has won

Druid StonesAlf Seegert

1-4 playersfrom 7 yearsapprox. 30-45 minutes

Druids have their holy order. Be it quarrying in the quarry or setting up the stones in the holy places. First, the cube-shaped quarry is to be removed row by row, level by level. Each colored stone thus obtained has a value that depends on those left behind. At the same time, the value determines the sacred and sometimes unholy (= negative) location where the stones are deposited. In order to secure bonuses in between certain constellations must be fulfilled first. In the end, only those who have neglected none of their stone circles can win, because only their own least valuable shrine is compared with their fellow players.

Stack Run Hello Drude

3-4 playersfrom 8 yearsapprox. 30 minutes

Use train cards to move your character across a circle of piles, and collect the top pieces of the piles. If you can not go where you want, you still have the opportunity to give away your ticket, and your teammates will be happy. Each player has a character in this tactical hunt, which runs in a circle on stacks of differently colored blocks. With train cards you determine how far you can proceed, leaving an empty pile, you get the top stone of the pile, which counts in the end for the score. The train cards are randomly drawn and must be used or given away, if you get enough, you can use this to your advantage by moving on or picking up more pieces. If enough towers are dismantled or a brick color is no longer in play, then you have reached the end. For differently colored sets of stones and remaining cards there are points and who has the most, is the winner.

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