Winners 2009: Details

 Attention: The detailed description texts of the winning games have been automatically translated. There is a high probability of errors.

Noblemen Dwight Sullivan

3-5 players from 12 years approx. 90-120 minutes

In the England of the 16th The leaders of several clans of families compete for more influence at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. They increase and beautify their land holdings and try in different ways to gain more prestige and the favor of the queen. As a reward for their efforts beckons them a higher nobility title, which brings more benefits.

WampumJeffrey D. Allers

2-5 players from 10 years approx. 45-60 minutes

Wampum are decorated with shells ornamental ribbons, which were used by the Indians as a gift or exchange currency. In this card game players travel with their canoes to different villages and exchange their goods for other goods or wampum.

NomolassonStefan Risthaus

2-4 players from 8 years approx. 90 minutes

In a fantastic world, mighty knights try to win the favor of the Nomolasson, the son of the Queen. For this, the heroines, the various races of the country must make friends and difficult adventures. The one who cleverly deals with the interests of the races and manages to dispute the adventures of the others will receive the most points and end up with the victory.

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