Winners 2007: Details

 Attention: The detailed description texts of the winning games have been automatically translated. There is a high probability of errors.

MarburgInka & Markus Brand

3-4 playersfrom 10 yearsapprox. 60 minutes

The small town of Marburg is under the aegis of the landgraves. Builders provide for building sites to build private homes. Public buildings can bring the Landgrave title, monuments the glory.

Navigator Dirk Baumann

2-4 players from 10 years approx. 30 minutes

As a navigator, find the best trading routes in the galaxy. Start from the home planet to the trading stations. Decide when to go to the five wings to connect as many trading stations as possible. But note: In the boom phase, the number of trading stations is rapidly increasing and the fuel of the spaceship is finite. And then the trade federation: It determines that a star may be flown around in one direction only. This increases the fuel requirement. So do not fly too late, then you will no longer reach all trading stations, which means point deduction. Decide – you are the navigator who will find the best way through the galaxy.

BurgenlandWolfgang Lehmann

2 players from 10 years approx. 30 minutes

Two players build castles to the bet. Shared quarries bring problems. The risk-taking of the client can be rewarded by saving dice.

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