Update 1: Hippodice Game Designer Competition 2023

preliminary round has ended, main round has started

We are in the middle of the competition, which takes place for the 33nd time.


  • about 300 board game ideas have been submitted until 16th October
  • many treasures among them 🙂
  • more than 20 protoypes requested
  • the first ones of them are already tested for the last 3 weeks 🙂
  • in spring (most likely in March) the final round will start

General information about the competition

The competition is structured into 4 phases:

  • Submission:
    • Digital submission of game description and rules by game designers
  • Preliminary round:
    • Evaluation of the digital submissions by Hippodice editors
    • Announcement of the highest ranked board games
    • Request of prototypes for these games
  • Main round:
    • Shipping of prototypes by game designers
    • Scores of playing and testing by Hippodice members
  • Final round:
    • Determination of the winners by an expert jury of publisher editors

Important information about the Game Designer Competition

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