Hippodice Game Designer Competition 2020 launched

Game designers can now submit unreleased prototypes

  • Application phase until 30.09.2019.
  • Application via our online form.

The internationally known competition takes place for the 32nd time.

Until the 30th September 2019, all game designers will be able to submit their unreleased game ideas.

The new website (hippodice-competition.net) have brought us positive reactions; this year, authors can once again use our slightly improved online application form. 

The application for the preliminary round is initially made by the digital submission of a game description and the rules of the game. Then come the actual phases of the competition:

  • Preliminary round: Hippodice editors will evaluate the digital submissions from September.
  • Main round: The best prototypes are requested, tested and evaluated in numerous test rounds.
  • Final round: An expert jury of publishing editors will determine the winning titles in the spring.

Important information about the author competition

  • Procedure: What are the phases? How does the competition work? What happens after that?
  • Terms and Conditions: The “Rules” of the contest. Important for all authors before submitting the application.
  • Application form: Use this form to enter the game and author data, and upload game descriptions and game rules as PDF

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