“Time Strategy: Manhattan” wins Hippodice 2019

“Time Strategy: Manhattan”

The Lithuanian game designer Andrejus Avchimovińćius won with his game “Time Strategy: Manhattan” the first place in the Hippodice Competition 2019.

The players take on the role of business people on Manhattan Island to build skyscrapers in the most expensive places and thus to manage the island to profitable.

On 1 and 2 March 2019, the final round of the Hippodice Competition 2019, the traditional game designer competition for unpublished games, took place again in Herne/Germany. Once again, numerous editors from many major publishers came together in Herne to select the best unpublished game as a jury.

Jury 2019

The game designer competition was held by Hippodice for the 31st time this year. More than 20 people took part in the event; in addition to the 12 members of the jury, several members of the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. participated in the event.

The Hippodice club members have explained and accompanied the games of the final round to the jury. Most of the jury members make notes in detail about the tested prototypes. Then all jury members award points independently, followed by an evaluation to select the winner of this year’s competition.

We thank the members of the jury for their work and the testers from the Hippodice Spieleclub e. V. for the many rounds of testing they have done to determine the matches for the finals. Likewise our thanks to the sponsors of the author competition!

The full results can be found in our award winners overview 2019.

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